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Many adults today suffer from acne and are looking for an effective adult acne treatment which they can use to cure their pimples, spots, pustules and cysts. If you are looking for an effective adult acne treatment then read this article to discover the most effective methods which you can start to implement immediately to cure yourself of this painful and embarrassing condition.If you suffer from adult acne then you are already well aware of the negative impact that it can have on your life. It can be a socially debilitating condition which can make it hard to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be a cause of pain and give you many sleepless nights. It can lower and damage your self-esteem and make you less self-confident, perhaps even not wanting to leave the house because of the way you look.Most people, once they reach puberty and before they have reached their mid-20s have had the experience of acne. However, many individuals are also sufferers of acne in their late 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Believe me, your case is not at all unusual. So what are some effective adult acne treatments available?Although the exact causes of adult acne has never been proved by scientists, there are some good treatments available. If you suffer from adult acne, then before looking for a cure to make you acne free you should first take a look at some important environmental factors which may play a part in your condition.Do you come into contact with any substances or chemicals at your workplace which might be irritating your condition? Do you use any household cleaners or substances without wearing gloves or protective equipment? Do you get a bad outbreak when you have recently purchased a new air freshener or scented household detergent product? All of these can play a part in irritating an already existing condition.Adult Acne TreatmentsThere are several over-the-counter treatments available – Stri-dex, Clearsil, Clearstick and Oxy Night watch, to name just a few. All of these products contain salicylic acid which is an ingredient that helps to combat acne.Prescription medicines – these are medicines which can be prescribed to you by your doctor or dermatologist. Usually these come in the form of an antibiotic. Antibiotics can be effective; they are usually given in a high dose at first and then gradually reduced. The main problem with antibiotics is that acne can become resistant to them over time.Natural herbal remedies – these can be a cheap way to treat adult acne. Herbal remedies are the products of plants and provide a good alternative to taking prescription pharmaceuticals.Vitamins – multivitamins can help to control outbreaks of spots, pimples, pustules and cysts. They do this by ensuring that your skin receives the correct nutrition. They helped to suppress the production of sebum which can be a factor in blocking your skin pores.In conclusion, there are a variety of adult acne treatments available which can be effective. If you have already consulted your doctor and dermatologist and are looking for another acne skin care treatment product then there are many options available to you, either herbal, over-the-counter, or home made remedies. If you are serious about combating your problem then you should explore all of these to find out which ones are the most effective for you.

Adult Acne

What is Adult Acne?Adults also suffer with acne. Women are more prone to have adult acne. Adult acne differs from teenage acne due to the difference in cause. As we know that major cause of teenage acne is the hormonal imbalance. It is not the cause for adult acne. Adult acne occurs between the ages from 25 to 30. It is common belief that poor hygiene is responsible for the development of acne but in actual conditions acne is caused with a combination several factors. These factors include excess oil secretion, clogging of hair duct and bacterial infection. Currently more than half of women and quarter of men are suffering from adult acne. Adult acne is formed as result of plug formation. A plug is made up of fat, skin debris, and keratin. These plugs block hair ducts. As a result of this blockage inflammation occurs and pimple or papule appears. As long as these plugs remain inside they are termed as white heads but once they expose to outer surface of skin appear as blackheads.Causes of Adult AcneHormonesAndrogen is the male hormone found in both man and woman has important role in the development of adult acne. In women at the stage of menopause body reduces the synthesis of estrogen, due to this imbalance in estrogen concentration androgen becomes more active and directs sebaceous glands to produce excess amount sebum. Androgen can also provoke acne in adult women under stress conditions and pregnancy.Over Production of Sebum from sebaceous GlandsIn normal conditions sebaceous glands produces sebum that moves out through hair follicle and removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the surface of skin. In case of overproduction of sebum skin pores are fail to excrete out the overproduced sebum. This in turns block skin pores. Clogged skin pores contain mixture of sebum dead cells and surface bacteria. Clogged pores appear as whitehead when they are not exposed. Once whiteheads exposed to air also trapped dust particles and become black head. This will finally result as adult acne.BacteriaCertain specific bacteria live on the surface of all skin types. Propionibacterium acnes or P.acnes is naturally found over all skin types. In case of plugged follicles excess of sebum creates anaerobic environment for P.acnes to multiply. Anaerobic environment is very much favorable for the growth of P.acnes. Body’s immune system recognizes P.acnes as an antigen and starts producing antibodies to fight with bacteria. This will cause inflammation in the follicle and skin of effected area and appear as pimple.Clogged PoresPores get clogged when dead cells did not shed and remain attached with skin. These dead cells mix with sebum and block the pore. Initially dead skin cells make whiteheads that are finally turn into black heads. Blackheads finally results in formation of pimples.Local InflammationLocal inflammation is the natural process termed as Chemotaxis. Chemotaxis starts when any foreign agent (bacteria or chemical) attacks on your body. Under such circumstances body natural immune system start producing white blood cells to kill the foreign agent. Intensity of this immune response differs from individual to individual. But it has observed that it is at extremes in adult women. That is the reason that adult women suffer with painful acne.These are some basic reasons or causes for adult acne. Different treatments are available to treat adult acne. But one must take care of it while selecting any remedy or treatment because you can not treat adult acne as teenage acne due the difference in causes.

How Modern Life Is Fueling A Rise In Adult Acne

There are several unusual problems that the modern way of living has brought into our lives. It could be the food we eat and the unwanted stress of time and managing several aspects of life, which fuel the increase in adult acne.Acne has no barriers of age or gender. Irrespective of you being a toddler, teenager, or an adult, you may develop acne. However, adult acne normally, may not have any symptoms during your adolescence and may occur during your 30s or 40s. Also, it is common that acne occurs on the face than the body, which is a rare phenomenon.Studies reveal that over 25% of the male population and over 50% of the female population suffer from adult acne. It is also said that over one-third of this affected adult population suffer from body acne.Let us take a look at the common factors that trigger acne in our day-to-day life and the prevention and treatment methods.How Does Acne Occur?When hair follicles get plugged with dead skin or excess of oil, it results in the formation of acne. Normally, it is the clogging of dead cells, which is a common reason for the adult acne. These accumulated dead cells develop bacteria on all sides of the pores, which in turn cause acne.The sebaceous glands are connected to hair follicles and these secrete the oil that is required for the skin and hair. When an excess amount of oil is produced by these glands and when they combine with the dead cells of the skin, these can cause the bacteria to thrive and cause the wall of the follicle to bulge up and produce whiteheads or blackheads or any other forms of acne.Different Types of AcneThe different types of acne are; acne vulgaris, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, papules, acne rosacea, etc. Other severe forms of adult acne include; acne conglobata, gram-negative folliculitis, pyoderma faciale, and acne fulminas.What are the Causes of Adult Acne?There are various factors that contribute to acne at different ages for different people. Causes differ from every individual. It could be the hormones, stress of modern life, cosmetics that are filled with various chemicals, humidity, or even a poor diet. It is the premenstrual flares that are predominantly found in women having adult acne.It is believed that, every year, over 14% of women aged between 26 and 44 are affected with acne. Studies reveal that the psychological stress of modern life has taken its toll on them and is the major cause for the decreased healing capacity of the body. This makes the treatment of acne a little challenging.How does stress cause adult acne?Modern lifestyle has created several situations wherein unknown and known stress is consistently present in the lives of those who do not understand how to balance all activities and responsibilities. Studies show that stress lowers the immunity in the body up to 40% and also shows that acne that is induced by stress is more stubborn than other causes.When you are stressed up, your adrenal glands are evoked and this floods your blood with cortisol hormone. This in turn induces the sebaceous glands to produce oil more than normal, which mixes with the dead skin and blocks the pores causing this skin disorder. Having a close watch on the outburst of acne after a stressful period can help you identify this.Is poor diet a cause of acne?Poor diet could be a major contributor of spot outbursts. Many a times, regardless of treating the acne externally with several creams, soaps, and lotions, do not help. This requires a close attention to your diet, which could be a reason. Changing your diet by removing certain elements and switching over to a healthy diet schedule would certainly help to treat adult acne.The outbursts that happen on the surface of the skin indicate that, the blood is highly acidic. This could be a result of eating excessive oily food, meat, sweets, excessive caffeine, white flour food, colas, and other soft drinks. This happens to busy people of today, who tend to avoid meals and instead opt for coffees and other soft drinks to fill their stomach to cope up with their daily schedules.Excess amount of sugar and chocolates also contribute to aggravating skin blemishes. This western style diet such as ready food and preserved food, contribute to excess insulin production, which contributes to excessive secretion of androgen hormones that are directly connected to the acne. Cow’s milk is considered to be a major trigger of acne.Can exercise also cause acne?Modern science does reveal that exercise could contribute to adult acne. This is because of the sweat that is produced during exercise that can create an ideal atmosphere for the growth of bacteria. That doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising entirely.The problem begins when you do not wash off your sweat and leaving it to dry after a workout for long periods. Exercising causes a rapid release of the sweat and sebum oil, which clog the pores and cause adult acne. This can be avoided by cleaning the face after a few minutes of exercising.Preventing and Treating Adult AcneTreatment of adult acne or any other form of acne must be done purely on an individual basis. This is because, the cause differs from each person and every cause requires a different approach in treatment based on the severity.Some of the common acne treatments include; over-the-counter medicines, prescribed topical, oral medications, antibiotics, simple home remedies, laser treatments, or at times even surgery.There are various preventive measures you can take based on your body. You may have to correct your diet, check on your cosmetics and avoid certain chemicals, wash your skin frequently and protect from the weather that affects you, relieve your stress and balance your activities, etc.SummaryThe most important step for treating any type of acne is to consult a dermatologist, who would help you to identify the cause of your acne and suggest the right method to cure it and prevent it. Self-medication might cause unwanted effects, which may be irreversible and so best to avoid it.Though adult acne is much similar to that of teenage acne, the causes could be different. Learning to cope up with the modern lifestyle by avoiding certain foods and chemical intake, regular exercise and meditation, relieving your stress and taking care of your skin regularly in a natural way, would certainly keep you away from the troubles of acne.