Adult Acne

What is Adult Acne?Adults also suffer with acne. Women are more prone to have adult acne. Adult acne differs from teenage acne due to the difference in cause. As we know that major cause of teenage acne is the hormonal imbalance. It is not the cause for adult acne. Adult acne occurs between the ages from 25 to 30. It is common belief that poor hygiene is responsible for the development of acne but in actual conditions acne is caused with a combination several factors. These factors include excess oil secretion, clogging of hair duct and bacterial infection. Currently more than half of women and quarter of men are suffering from adult acne. Adult acne is formed as result of plug formation. A plug is made up of fat, skin debris, and keratin. These plugs block hair ducts. As a result of this blockage inflammation occurs and pimple or papule appears. As long as these plugs remain inside they are termed as white heads but once they expose to outer surface of skin appear as blackheads.Causes of Adult AcneHormonesAndrogen is the male hormone found in both man and woman has important role in the development of adult acne. In women at the stage of menopause body reduces the synthesis of estrogen, due to this imbalance in estrogen concentration androgen becomes more active and directs sebaceous glands to produce excess amount sebum. Androgen can also provoke acne in adult women under stress conditions and pregnancy.Over Production of Sebum from sebaceous GlandsIn normal conditions sebaceous glands produces sebum that moves out through hair follicle and removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the surface of skin. In case of overproduction of sebum skin pores are fail to excrete out the overproduced sebum. This in turns block skin pores. Clogged skin pores contain mixture of sebum dead cells and surface bacteria. Clogged pores appear as whitehead when they are not exposed. Once whiteheads exposed to air also trapped dust particles and become black head. This will finally result as adult acne.BacteriaCertain specific bacteria live on the surface of all skin types. Propionibacterium acnes or P.acnes is naturally found over all skin types. In case of plugged follicles excess of sebum creates anaerobic environment for P.acnes to multiply. Anaerobic environment is very much favorable for the growth of P.acnes. Body’s immune system recognizes P.acnes as an antigen and starts producing antibodies to fight with bacteria. This will cause inflammation in the follicle and skin of effected area and appear as pimple.Clogged PoresPores get clogged when dead cells did not shed and remain attached with skin. These dead cells mix with sebum and block the pore. Initially dead skin cells make whiteheads that are finally turn into black heads. Blackheads finally results in formation of pimples.Local InflammationLocal inflammation is the natural process termed as Chemotaxis. Chemotaxis starts when any foreign agent (bacteria or chemical) attacks on your body. Under such circumstances body natural immune system start producing white blood cells to kill the foreign agent. Intensity of this immune response differs from individual to individual. But it has observed that it is at extremes in adult women. That is the reason that adult women suffer with painful acne.These are some basic reasons or causes for adult acne. Different treatments are available to treat adult acne. But one must take care of it while selecting any remedy or treatment because you can not treat adult acne as teenage acne due the difference in causes.